Generous Coffee. Amazing coffee, even better story.

Our goal is to offer you the best cup of coffee in the world. What does that mean? Coffee that tastes amazing and changes lives every time you drink it.

We believe “Generous” is a lifestyle, one made up of many small decisions to do good for others.  Our mission is to partner with world-changing people like you who share the vision for trying to good in the world with every step we take—even buying coffee.  Our commitment is to create life-changing stories by improving the lives of the coffee farmers we work with, and by donating our profits towards efforts focused on bringing hope to the world.   With Generous, our purchases help to create a world we all want to live in. Be Generous. Because you don’t have to.

Generous Coffee

When we started this company and this journey, we asked ourselves how can we turn the people’s power as a consumer into the power to change lives all around the world every day.

We started together as a group of 3 guys on the board of directors of a non-profit wanting to make the world better, but frustrated by how hard it is to fundraise.  The goal from Day 1 has been, “How can we get more people and more money invested into creating life changing opportunities for people who need it most.”

We are driven by a conviction and a dream: being born into the richest society ever gives us a unique chance as consumers to invest in making the world equal for everyone, and that together we can make the dream a reality.

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